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APOLOGIES - A Blast from the Past

I've been neglecting this blog as of late due to work commitments... the POE launch went well, despite the fact that sadly Ellen could not make it! She had a very good reason, she was admitted to Hospital that very day! However there's good news... I believe that Ellen has recovered... the bad news? I have yet to capture Helen's pictures from the event. Lazy s*d! Subscribe Free    Add to my Page Instead, a blast from the past in the form of Paul Kane's interview with fellow author Muriel Grey, who appeared as a Guest of Honour at FantasyCon in 2004. I did record this interview on MiniDV, but here's the part when you have to remember it was in a time before the days of MySpace and YouTube. Paul transcribed the interview from a audio file I created for him, and along with a link to that very audio file, Paul uploaded this to his site. Taken from my old PurpleRage site and requested by a visitor to Paul's site, here is the complete audio clip of Paul's i